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Coocoolili | Tinder Surprise

Sunday 23 April

Doors: 7.30 pm till midnight – Show starts at 8.00 pm Entry Price: £8 advance / £10 door / £7 student & low income

Hope is romantic for the romantically hopeless and as hopelessly romantic ourselves we should know better than most. In our hunt for eternal love in the ephemeral world of digital attraction we have battled crocodiles, we became damsels in distress and even discovered a Holy Grail or two (but we lost it on our way back home). So come and drink with us to the tune of love for love’s sake, dance on the pieces of our broken heart, and help us find our way around the laws of physical attraction, erotic geometry and romantic rationalism – a total eclipse of Descartes in other words. Singles unite! (And then break up so you can be single again so you can reunite – because that’s amore). Love is in the air, in the water and in Jamboree’s cocktails. We will personally make sure you catch the last tube and we will always love you.

The players shall be:

  • Michalis Angelakis

  • Loukas Angelou

  • Anastasia Boukli

  • Dominique Chardonnay

  • Artemis Ignatidou

  • Marie-Angela Melato

  • Andriana Minou

  • Evi Minou

  • Stella Parlavantza

  • Nikos Stavlas

Jamboree Venue 6 St Chads Place, London, WC1X 9HH



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